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2018 Update

       How things have changed, I am now sort of based down at Mum’s place in Victoria for now. I am still hoping to make a few trips north each year where possible to sort out things with Medical Specialists.

      I’m also still hoping to make it to some Ulysses Events & to some Army Reunions. I know this will not always be possible, but that is how it is for the time being.

       Late last week I got my Caravan back from the Caravan Repairers. No real problems, mainly replacing the main Water Pipe which burst on my last trip, plus a few minor Modifications, some minor routine mountainous & a full service.

       So I’m now ready for my next trip, which is only about 2 weeks away. Nearly a week in Shepparton with the Ulysses Members RV Group, then head north for a few months for my annual Specialist visits. Then on my way south in April, call into Myrtleford for another Ulysses Members RV Group get together. Getting back to Mum’s early May.